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What to expect during the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

This November, for the first time in 41 years, Formula 1 is returning to the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip.

With 190 miles of high-intensity racing in the scorching Nevada sun, the debut of the Las Vegas Grand Prix is primed and ready to be the biggest racing event of 2023. But what can Formula 1 fans expect out of the newest edition to the calendar? 

Vegas Grand Prix: Speed on the Strip 

The second it was announced in 2022, you just knew that the Las Vegas Grand Prix was going to be a special stop for Formula 1. 

Set in the heart of one of America’s most recognizable cities, Las Vegas is set to serve as perhaps the unique background on the grid that has the potential to combine the celebrity flair of Monaco with the high-octane racing of Monza. 

And the track certainly matches the city. With long straights and few sharp turns, Vegas will undoubtedly be one of the fastest courses on the calendar, which will be a dream for teams with lots of straight-line speed.

Let’s dive further into the details of what you should be looking forward to at the inaugural F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. And those interested in other races and trending news about F1 can also check Overtime Heroics as a trustworthy sports news platform.

Glitz and Glamor

First and foremost, the Las Vegas GP is set to bring a level of lavishness that can truly only be rivalled by the timeless circuit at Monaco. Vegas is a city known for extravagance and indulgence, and we expect that to be on full display this November.

With the course set to run right through the heart of the iconic Las Vegas strip on a Saturday night, the full neon display of the city will make for a mesmerizing television backdrop that you won’t get at any other race. 

What about celebrities? With LA just a few hours away, expect the event to be a who’s-who of the Hollywood elite. 

Plenty of Overtakes

George Russell put it bluntly when he claimed Vegas would be “good for racing, but not the most exciting to drive.”

If there’s one thing you should know about this course going in, it’s going to be fast. With multiple long straights and very few tight corners, Vegas is primed to be a race with plenty of straight-line overtaking opportunities. Cars with high top speeds are going to be at an advantage.

It might not be the most exciting course in the world to drive for the racers but expect the Las Vegas GP to produce fireworks from the fans’ perspective.

A Big Day for Ferrari?

Unfortunately for Ferrari, they haven’t yet been able to build off their strong second-place finish in 2022, finding themselves in 4th place behind Red Bull, Mercedes, and Aston Martin in the Constructor’s Championship.

But the F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas could be their big late-season break. The SF-23’s straight-line speed has been excellent, and two of Ferraris’ best performances of the season have been at Baku and Austria, both courses with long straights similar to Vegas. 

Considering the undisputed dominance of Red Bull this season, it’s hard to pencil them in for a win, but at least a place on the podium wouldn’t be so surprising for the Prancing Horse. 

Ultimately Low Stakes

For how hyped up the inaugural Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix has become, it’s disappointing that the drivers and Constructor’s Championships will both likely be wrapped up by then.

Occupying the second-to-last spot on the calendar before Abu Dhabi can be a blessing and a curse. In close seasons, it can be the decider of championships. But, when a team dominates to the degree that Red Bull has in 2023, it can make the last few races wholly irrelevant to the title fight. 

Barring a massive collapse from Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, Red Bull will most likely already be crowned as champions by November 16th, leaving the story of the day likely to be a razor-thin three-way race for second place between Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Mercedes. 

A Must-Watch 

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix will be worth the watch for the TV spectacle alone. With long straights and sweeping curves perfect for overtaking, the course is set to provide exciting racing through one of the most stunning cities on the grid.

Max Verstappen might have already lifted the trophy by then, but expect the Las Vegas Grand Prix to be a must-watch celebrity-filled experience.

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