Saturday, July 20, 2024

Seth Quintero records South Racing’s first U.S. win at Vegas to Reno

South Racing Can-Am is one of the top international rally raid UTV teams, but was never able to stand on the top step of the podium in the United States. That finally changed when Seth Quintero won the UTV Turbo Pro class at the Vegas to Reno with the best time among all UTVs.

Quintero set a time of 9:33:26, beating the UTV Trophy Unlimited Polaris of Mitch Guthrie. Although both are with different manufacturers for their American racing programmes, they are team-mates for the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team that compete in the World Rally-Raid Championship’s T3 category; Guthrie won the most recent leg in Sonora. Racing with his father Aaron as co-driver, Quintero started at the back in thirty-eighth but his Can-Am Maverick “worked like a charm all day long.”

His time was good for eleventh overall of all entries and just seven minutes behind the Class 6100 car of Justin Blower. Race winner and Trick Truck driver Ryan Arciero scored his third straight V2R triumph with forty-one minutes on Quintero.

Austin Jones, the W2RC T3 points leader and fellow Red Bull driver who won the Dakar Rally ahead of Quintero, finished sixth in UTV Turbo Pro after suffering a rear hub and axle failure in the final 125 miles. Jones has a one-point edge over Quintero that he hopes to expand this weekend at the W2RC’s Desafío Ruta 40.

The V2R was plagued by scoring issues due to penalties and time credits that were not given out until Thursday, nearly a week after the race took place. Such penalties included Danny Cooper losing the overall bike win to Hayden Hintz while Corey Goin won the 1000 Limited Car class instead of Peter Hajas, though driver protests have prompted further review.

Class winners

Class Overall Finish Number Competitors of Record Time
3 Wheeler Expert 100 501 David Ham, Dave Wylie, Sammy Ehrenberg 11:56:01.187
Car/Truck: 1000 Limited Car 28 1036 Corey Goin, Robbie Surprenant, Greg Pierson 9:52:49.885
Car/Truck: 6100 Spec 7 6127 Jack Olliges, Mike Bollig, Jordan Dean, Mason DeCunzo 9:18:06.853
Car/Truck: Baja 74 5003 Mavrick Gaunt, Chris Johnson, Christopher Ramey 11:01:27.144
Car/Truck: Limited Mid-Size 109 7122 Todd Walter, Jordan Maxwell, Tom Watson, Carey Nomura 12:28:04.123
Car/Truck: Sports 70 8164 Matthew Legg, Mike Slawson 10:52:45.982
Car/Truck: Stock Full 136 1230 Chris Woo, Austin Hall, Kelly Willis, Nick Holmer 13:54:51.494
Car/Truck: Stock Mid-Size 125 7330 Chad Hall, Josh Hall, Aaron Lechner, Waqas Shafi 13:08:19.023
Car/Truck: Trick Truck 1 32 Ryan Arciero, Travis Moores, Kyle Washington 8:52:50.368
Car/Truck: Unlimited Car 41 1502 Casey Currie, Aaron Quesada 9:59:07.996
Car/Truck: Vintage N/A N/A No Finishers N/A
Class 4400 Ultra4 135 4437 Dustin Sexton, Steve White, Marc Dilorenzo, JonathonBrooks 13:54:27.521
Class 4600 Ultra4 156 4695 Jesse Bennett, Eric Horntvedt 18:09:19.968
JeepSpeed Challenge N/A N/A No Finishers N/A
JeepSpeed Cup N/A N/A No Finishers N/A
JeepSpeed Trophy 101 4724 Rob Seubert 11:58:12.852
Motorcycle 399 Expert 117 252 Angie Figg, Danny Young, Henry Young 12:50:36.575
Motorcycle 399 Pro 110 X77 Dee Williams 12:28:42.851
Motorcycle Family Expert 87 F15 Piper Wells, Jeff Wells 11:24:59.960
Motorcycle Ironman Amateur 111 O720 Patrick E. Culligan 12:30:43.999
Motorcycle Ironman Expert 96 O2 Kevin Repan 11:43:04.395
Motorcycle Ironman Pro 13 J1 Zach Myers 9:35:27.745
Motorcycle Lites Pro 53 A5 John Levie, Clay Cutler 10:17:59.795
Motorcycle Open Amateur 82 367 Cody Rash, Beau Rash, Cory Rash 11:10:25.648
Motorcycle Open Expert 25 302 Kody Moutafidis, Wyatt Bittner 9:48:55.711
Motorcycle Open Pro 2 N1 Hayden Hintz, Trevor Hunter 8:54:48.268
Motorcycle Over 30 Expert 63 510 Wesley Grimshaw, Kirt Hulsey, Morgan Shultz 10:37:58.393
Motorcycle Over 30 Pro 12 P23 Gregory Pheasant, Will Heiss 9:35:07.720
Motorcycle Over 40 Expert 72 722 Nick Lopez, Scott Morris, Aron Huntington 10:54:10.170
Motorcycle Over 40 Pro 73 C36 Brett Stevens, Chris Fry 10:59:16.286
Motorcycle Over 50 Expert 114 804 Scott McIntosh, Mike Frick 12:39:04.787
Motorcycle Over 60 Expert 84 811 Harold Harris, Manny Ornellas, Bill Sekeres, Scott Atchison 11:14:16.775
Quad Expert N/A N/A No Finishers N/A
Quad Ironman Expert 93 603 Matthew Silsby 11:36:12.483
Quad Pro 51 Q5 Daulton Keyes 10:14:37.249
UTV Normally Aspirated Pro 105 R67 Dan Phillips, Anthony Busico, Paul Phillips 12:18:37.475
UTV Sportsman 97 M982 Nicholas Shearer, Blaise Murray 11:47:52.150
UTV Super Stock Turbo 79 S906 Mitchell Alsup 11:06:06.474
UTV Trophy Unlimited 14 H51 Mitch Guthrie, Kellon Walch 9:36:14.464
UTV Turbo Pro 11 T903 Seth Quintero, Aaron Quintero 9:33:26.982