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Sao Paulo Grand Prix Set To Remain On F1 Calendar Until 2030

Formula 1 has announced that the Sao Paulo Grand Prix will remain on its calendar until 2030 after a new five-year extension. The Sao Paulo Grand Prix, also known as the Interlagos circuit, has been part of the Formula 1 schedule for five decades. Officially known as the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, rightfully after the winner of the 1975 race, the Sao Paulo Grand Prix has one of the most iconic racetracks you’ll come across in a calendar year. The new five-year extension has become an exciting storyline ahead of the 2023 Grand Prix on November 5.

Sao Paulo Grand Prix Interlagos Racetrack

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace is a carnival atmosphere with an iconic racetrack featuring 15 corners over 4.3 kilometres. When it was first established, the circuit’s design featured inspirations from racetracks in the UK, US, and France. However, the racetrack has evolved into a unique spectacle that has seen some of its famous parts like the Senna ‘esses’ used at other venues. The racetrack has hosted memorable moments in the history of Formula 1, including the most recent battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in 2021.

Other memorable moments include Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen’s World Championship in 2007 and Ayrton Senna’s emotional victory in front of his home crowd in 1991. 2022 also came with some surprises as George Russel won the F1 sprint and Grand Prix for the first time in his Formula 1 career. Kevin Magnussen was another shocker as he secured the Pole Position for the F1 sprint. The event attracted 235,000 fans and delivered an entertaining weekend of F1 racing action, which is customary at the Interlagos racetrack.

Interlagos Circuit to Host More Events

Formula 1’s five-year extension of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix comes after recent investments from the current administration. Sao Paulo’s Mayor Nunes is determined to upgrade the Interlagos circuit into a venue that can host a broader range of entertainment events like music concerts. Race promoter MC Brazil Motorsport has also worked closely with Nunes’ administration to enhance the fan experience, with more emphasis placed on sustainability and environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Recently, 100 women from vulnerable backgrounds were upskilled and graduated in a special ceremony where they became qualified mechanics. Formula 1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali announced the new five-year extension, stating he was delighted the franchise “will be staying at Interlagos until 2030.” The president also commented on the wonderful carnival atmosphere that Brazilian fans bring to the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Dates for the 2024 Grand Prix are already out, with the Sao Paulo event going down from November 1.

A Brief Look Into The 2023 Grand Prix

The 2023 Sao Paulo Grand Prix will feature the same format as other events, including practice, qualifying races, sprint shootout, sprint, and the final race. Fans and punters will have a fantastic weekend of racing action over 71 laps of the 4.309-kilometre Interlagos racetrack. The event occurs on November 5, and bookmakers already have their markets and odds out for F1 punters. You can explore various markets, including the outright winner, points finish, top 6 finish, shootout winner, and shootout winning team.

The best Formula 1 betting sites back Mac Verstappen to win the first position, with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc as second and third favourites. The same players are favourites to clinch the most points and top 6 places. Red Bull and McLaren are the favourite teams to win the shootout ahead of Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin. You can find information on the practice, qualifying sessions, press conferences, support races, and special events from the official Formula 1 page, which also features a downloadable schedule.

Better Grand Prix Editions To Come

Formula 1’s president acknowledged the rich racing heritage and iconic Interlagos circuit as a favourite for fans and drivers worldwide. The president iterated what most pundits say, recognizing the embodiment of all facets of the sport. According to his statement, the franchise looks forward to new developments and even better Grand Prix experiences over the coming years. Meanwhile, Sao Paulo’s Mayor Ricardo Nunes welcomed the contract extension, stating it “solidifies the city as a global leader in major event hosting.”

The Sao Paulo Grand Prix is broadcast in nearly 180 countries and has social and economic impacts, including job and revenue-generating opportunities. The region’s Grand Prix CEO, Alan Adler, also welcomed the contract extension as an honour. According to the CEO, five more years secures Sao Paulo’s place in the Formula 1 calendar and is a recognition of the work the city has done, especially the Sao Paulo City Hall. The CEO also promised to immediately start planning for years ahead to deliver even better Grand Prix editions for fans and racers.

Key Takeaways

Stakeholders, promoters, event planners, fans, and punters in Brazil and worldwide will be happy to see Sao Paulo continue to host Formula 1 events into 2030. The Interlagos circuit is an iconic racetrack and promises to deliver a memorable 2023 event, with top racers like Mac Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton eyeing the big prize. Make sure you choose licensed betting sites if you fancy wagering on Formula 1 races.

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