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Rust, Floods, and Fires: How California’s Climate Turns Your Car Into Junk

Despite what you think about climate change, there’s no denying that California has recently been experiencing some rather harsh weather-related events. From drought to flood to wildfires, it’s been a wild ride. All of these events can wreak havoc on vehicles, especially those that are a couple of dollars away from being tossed into the coldhearted category of junk. It’s not just time,  mileage, and accidents that can turn an older car into a junk car.

How Rust, Floods, and Fires Can Turn Your Used Car Into a Junk Car

Mother Nature can take its toll on your used car. Sometimes she does it slowly; other times, she does it within the blink of an eye. Either way, your older beater can go from a solid form of transportation to something that could take more money than it’s worth to repair. Once the cost of repairs outweighs its value, you are stuck with a junk car. The same holds true for those that are an obvious and unusable mess.

Let’s take a look at how rust, floods, and fires can affect a car’s value. Vehicles damaged by these three things can be incredibly difficult to sell. And without carrying an expensive full coverage insurance policy on them, you could be left with a junk car on your hands.

1. Rust

For a car to rust, it requires two things; oxygen and water. The rusting of a vehicle will be accelerated during times of both rain and high humidity. Parts of California that were known for hot and dry summers have been experiencing an increase in the humidity. This scenario is the perfect storm for cars to begin to rust and to rust faster than usual.

Rust can quickly devalue a car and can add big percentage points to how quickly it depreciates. As rust spreads through a vehicle, it can affect its structural integrity. Vehicles with severe rust issues are quickly tossed into the category of undesirable and difficult-to-sell.

2. Floods

Storm Hilary, which blasted California with wind, rain, and flooding in 2023, caused a lot of damage. Cars that were caught in the floods will have lost a lot of their resale value due to the havoc that water can cause. And Hilary wasn’t the only cause of flooding. Other parts of the state were hit with record floods due to extreme changes in weather patterns.

Flood-damaged cars can experience many different issues, including musty or odd odours that are difficult to remove. When water seeps into the hundreds of places it can, including car seats and door panels, if not dried out properly, will leave behind a lingering musky smell. Excessive water can also cause issues with a vehicle’s electronics as well as its engine.

3. Fires

Although known for wildfires, in recent years, California has been experiencing an uptick in deadly and costly blazes. Unfortunately, many who move to more remote areas close to fire-ravaged forests can easily lose everything they have, including their vehicles.

It goes without saying that if a vehicle gets in the path of a wildfire, the wildfire is going to win. Burned-out cars have little to no value, and without carrying a comprehensive policy on their insurance, owners are left with a smouldering mess. Selling a fire-damaged car is almost impossible.

What To Do With Weather-Damaged Vehicles

If you didn’t spend the extra money for an iron-clad vehicle insurance policy, the ravages of the weather can quickly turn your car into junk. Trying to sell them in traditional ways to recoup some money will prove to be fruitless and frustrating. However, there is a way to sell them, even if they’re rusted beyond repair, waterlogged, or burnt to a crisp.

Specialized used car dealers who purchase any and all cars despite excessive weather-related damage will be happy to haul yours away. They buy them all regardless of mileage, age, or condition. They pay more than a junkyard, and the process is transparent and straightforward. Junk car dealers are the obvious choice when trying to sell difficult-to-sell vehicles.

For example, if you’re a resident of Santa Clara Valley, you can unload your wreck and sell your junk car in San Jose. Specialized dealers are always looking for junk cars to purchase, regardless of their condition. Don’t simply throw yours away; give a junk car dealer a call today

Rust, Floods, and Fires: The Destroyers of Vehicles

California’s recent extreme weather patterns have been creating difficulties for car owners of The Golden State over the last few years. For those with pricey insurance policies on their vehicles, these events are a huge inconvenience. Unfortunately, for those owners of older vehicles without full coverage policies, these weather events can be devastating.

If the weather has wrecked your ride, contact a junk car dealer. They’ll offer you more than you’d expect, and they’ll take your damaged vehicle and leave you with more money than you probably expected.

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