Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Rain and Drama at the Hungaroring: O’Sullivan Tops Chaotic F3 Practice, Villagomez’s Crash Ends Session Early

It was a cloudy morning at the Hungaroring ahead of Friday’s practice session for the FIA Formula 3 Championship, with some areas of slight drizzle on the radar. With a dirty and green track, most of the drivers stayed in the pits for the first 20 minutes with 20 minutes remaining Luke Browning was leading the way, but at around that point, most of the leading players exited the pits and started their qualifying simulations. 

It was Beganovic who topped the times with eighteen Minutes remaining, ahead of O’Sullivan and Villagomez rounding out the top three. With six minutes to go Paul Aron on his fastest lap went to third place with a time of 1:33.180, but this was the last piece of the action when Rafael Villagomez crashed after the fast corner of Turn eleven and ripped off his front and rear wing after suffering oversteer.

Following this incident, the officials announced the session would not resume which left Zak O Sulivan fastest Mari Boya in second fastest, and Paul Aron in third fastest. 

Gabriele Mini had set some lap times but not within the confines of the racetrack and had all his competitive lap times deleted. And debutant Woohyun Shin had a competitive first outing only being 0.040 seconds behind Tommy Smith, despite stalling in traffic earlier in the session. 

Session Results

Position   Driver   Team  Laptime 
Zak O’Sullivan  Prema Racing  1:32.701 
Mari Boya  Mp Motorsport  1.33.086
Paul Aron  Prema Racing  1:33.180 
Josep Mari Marti  Campos Racing  1:33.183
Dino Beganovic  Prema Racing  1:33.186
Rafael Villagomez  VAR  1:33.311
Oliver Goethe  Trident Motorsport  1:33.319
Gregoire Saucy  ART Racing  1:33.428
Franco Colapinto  VAR  1:33.610
10  Luke Browning  Hitech Pulse-Eight   1:33.726
11  Kaylen Fredrick  ART Racing   1:33.757
12  Gabriele Bortoleto  Trident Motorsport   1:33.783
13  Taylor Barnard  Jenzer Racing  1:33.785
14  Nikita Bedrin  Jenzer Racing  1:33.790
15  Jonny Edgar  MP Motorsport  1:33.813
16  Leonardo Fornaroli  Trident Motorsport  1:33.835
17  Caio Collet  VAR  1:33.990 
18  Hugh Barter  Campos Racing  1:33.995 
19  Nikola Tsolov  ART Racing  1:34.101
20  Ido Cohen  Rhodin Carlin Motorsport   1:34.196
21  Christian Mansell  Campos Racing  1:34.251
22  Sebastien Montoya  Hitech Pulse-Eight   1:34.458
23  Sophia Floersch  PHM Racing by Charouz  1:34.565 
24  Oliver Grey  Rodin Carlin Motorsport  1:35.174 
25  Maxwell Easterson  Rodin Carlin    1:35.804
26  Roberto Faria  PHM By Charouz  1:35. 199 
27  Alejandro Garcia  Jenzer Motorsport    1:33.945
28  Tommy Smith  VAR  1:37.180 
29  Woohyun Shin  PHM Racing By Charouz   1:37.212
30  Gabriele Mini  Hitech Pulse eight   1:52.560

*Note Gabriele Mini had Lap time deleted for track limits.