Sunday, May 19, 2024

Nitrocross Improves on genesis track at Utah Motorsport Campus

Nitrocross has announced that the track at Utah Motorsport Campus has been updated for Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2023-2024 season. 

The new layout features a revamp of the current track with the addition of tarmac to aid in visibility and passing opportunities. While the length of the track remains the same at just over a mile, a total of 65% of the track has now been converted to tarmac from almost all dirt layouts of previous years. With the acceleration and grip needed for the electric FC1-X, this should hold major benefits to the class when the racing starts.

The jumps have also been amped up with the 130-foot gap jump remaining as a Nitrocross’ staple but new tabletops have been added as well. A new tabletop jump has been added just before the cross-over takeoff jump, with another jump following just after Turn Five. 

Last season Nitrocross introduced the major banked turns now known as “Talledega Turns” at Lydden Hill, Stragnas, and more. This season they see a return, most notably so far at Midwest Outdoors for Round 1 but they also are back at Nitrocross home track in Salt Lake City. The first of which is remains just after the gap jump, another has returned from the 2018 layout, and the third now being completely new at Turn 11. 

Founder and Vermont Sportscar driver Travis Pastrana expanded on his inspiration for this track saying, “Nitrocross is constantly pushing to make the action crazier, the racing better and taking the fan experience up on all levels, year after year. The track at UMC was so much fun to drive, but the dirt on site was tough to work with and the viewing for the fans wasn’t always ideal. This year, we’ve made improvements to all of the above, and we will keep learning and improving from there.”

He added, “The racing was always amazing in Utah and the track has been super fun to drive. The changes we made were in an effort to manage the dust and keep the car damage down while keeping the and fan and driver excitement up.”

Nitrocross returns to its home after two years away and some major changes since its last time out but the action will remain the same on the 18/19 of August.

Pastrana said, “Nitro Circus and Nitrocross both kicked off in Utah. This is our home, and we are very excited to be back with a game plan to make it even better than ever before.”