Sunday, July 21, 2024

Liqui Moly sign a multi-year partnership with Formula 1

By now, a well-established picture in the world of motorsport is the Liqui Moly logo on the hoardings of Formula 1 racetracks. Through the new contract, the long-established company for motor oils, additives and car care will continue to be an “Official Partner” until 2026 inclusive.

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Liqui Moly has been an “Official Partner” in the globally popular racing series since 2019. As an Official Partner, Liqui Moly will continue to have physical and virtual trackside signage at select race events. Additionally, as part of the extension, Liqui Moly will have the opportunity to build on its growing business networking programme by hosting customer guest experiences around certain race weekends.

Liqui Moly Managing Director Günter Hiermaier on the contract extension: “With constantly new approaches and innovations, but also new spectator records, Formula 1 continues to prove to be the flagship in motorsport. We also have this aspiration for our business. That’s why it was natural to let two such strong brands continue to work side by side.”

For the popular oil and additive manufacturer, the “premier class” is now an established sponsorship. The company, with a long tradition, had already been advertising on the rear wing of Mercedes-Sauber cars about thirty years ago. In 2002, the Ulm-based company joined the Jordan-Honda team as a sponsor.

Peter Baumann, Marketing Director at Liqui Moly, commented at the contract signing in Bahrain, saying: “The media reach of Formula 1 goes far beyond the classic channels. The racing series is based on incomparable and global 360-degree marketing. What unites our two brands is the constant will to inspire as many people as possible around the world with our product. That is why I am particularly pleased about this contract extension.”

Johnny Haworth, Director for Commercial Partnerships of Formula 1, added: “This new multi-year deal is the culmination of years of strong collaboration between two long-standing partners. We look forward to further integrating LIQUI MOLY into the special F1 fan experience and continuing our mission of creating the world’s greatest sporting and entertainment spectacle for our fans.”

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“The popularity of Formula 1 is still growing steadily. It is, therefore, a very good signal that we can continue to present this premium sponsorship to our customers and partners. This will result in even greater reach and optimized foundations for good business,” explained Liqui Moly Managing Director Günter Hiermaier.

The company also advertises at MotoGP, operates as the exclusive lubricant partner of the Motocross World Championship, advertised at the World Handball Championship in January and at countless winter sports events.

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