Sunday, May 19, 2024

Larsson and Bakkerud Return to Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC for Nitrocross Season with Monster Energy

Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC has announced the exciting return of Robin Larsson, the reigning Nitrocross champion, and Andreas Bakkerud, the previous season’s runner-up with Monster Energy as their primary partner for the upcoming Nitrocross season.

After their championship-winning season in 2022-23, Monster Energy will continue to support Robin Larsson and Andreas Bakkerud. Larsson and Bakkerud propelled DRR JC to the team championship and finished first and second in the driver’s championship.

Expressing his excitement about returning to the team and the upcoming Nitrocross season, Larsson said, “I am excited to return to Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC for the upcoming season. The team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of victory align perfectly with my own ambitions as a driver.

Together, we have achieved great success in the past, and I believe that the 2023-2024 season holds even greater promise for us. I look forward to continuing this incredible journey with Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC.”

Bakkerud established himself as one of the most formidable competitors in the Nitrocross arena. His remarkable achievements, along with his engaging personality, have made him a fan favorite around the world. With Bakkerud’s return to Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC, the team is confident in their ability to challenge for the championship title.

“I am thrilled to be back with Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC for the upcoming Nitrocross season,” expressed Bakkerud. “The team’s professionalism, dedication, and unwavering support have always impressed me. Together, we have accomplished great things, and I am confident that we can continue to push forward and make a run for the championship. I can’t wait to get back on track and give the fans something truly special.”

Dennis Reinbold, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC team co-owner, expressed his enthusiasm about the return of Larsson, Bakkerud, and Monster Energy, saying, “We are excited to have Monster Energy back on board with us for another season of Nitrocross. Their support has been instrumental in our success in the previous season, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them. We are thrilled to have Robin and Andreas back with us for the upcoming season of Nitrocross.

Robin’s remarkable achievements as the reigning NitroCross champion highlight his exceptional skills on the track, and we have no doubt that he will continue to deliver exceptional performances. Andreas proved himself as an extraordinary driver last season, showcasing his skills and determination on the track. His passion for racing aligns perfectly with our team’s ethos, and we believe his presence will continue to elevate our performance.”

With the support of Monster Energy, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC is poised to take on the competition in what promises to be the most exciting Nitrocross season yet. The team will participate in various events throughout the season, with the season opener scheduled for 16/17 June in Jay, Oklahoma.