Monday, May 27, 2024

Jonny Adam unveils new helmet design for charity drive

Jonny Adam who is the current GT3 class points leader in the British GT Championship driving for the team 2 Seas with co-driver James Cottingham, has unveiled a new helmet design for the Maggie´s charity that he will use for the first time over this weekend in Snetterton.

The helmet is supported by the long-time partner Asset Alliance Group and Adam plans to auction off the helmet during the biennial Drive to Maggie´s charity driving tour in August. All of the money raised during this campaign will go directly to the charity and help Maggie with the services. Adam will continue to use the helmet throughout the rest of the season.

“Cancer affects so many lives, and having seen the positive impact that Maggie’s has on individuals and their families, I hope this partnership inspires others to get involved and contribute to this vital organisation,” Adam said.

Maggie´s is a charity that offers free help in social support to anyone affected by cancer with advice by experts and a supportive community in the United Kingdom.