Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hutch and Turn 10 Studios Join Forces to Create Forza-Inspired Mobile Game

Hutch, the renowned automotive mobile game developer, and Turn 10 Studios, the creators of the Forza franchise and a prominent first-party video game developer within Xbox Game Studios, have announced an exciting collaboration. The two studios are partnering to develop a mobile game that will offer a unique car customisation experience for a broad audience on mobile platforms.

The idea for this joint project emerged in 2020 during discussions between Hutch, a London-based studio, and Turn 10 Studios. Leveraging the world-leading gameplay and visual style of Forza, combined with Hutch’s expertise in mobile live ops, the partnership was formed with the shared goal of creating a groundbreaking automotive gaming experience.

Hutch, aims to deliver an engaging gameplay experience tailored to mobile audiences. While the full details of the game will be revealed in due course, it is known that car customization will be a core gameplay mechanic. With over a decade of mobile gaming experience, Hutch will take the lead in developing the title, with creative input and guidance from Turn 10.

Shaun Rutland, CEO and Co-founder of Hutch, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our philosophy for game development is mobile first, with gameplay experiences that work for players on this platform.

We’re committed to creating strategic games that enable our community of players to celebrate their passion for cars. It’s that same passion for cars, as well as creating platform leading titles about cars, that brought us together with Turn 10. Coming together to work on a title made immediate sense, and we’re incredibly excited to show you the results of our last few years of collaboration.”

The partnership brings together their collective expertise and passion for cars to deliver a game that promises to revolutionize the mobile gaming experience. Players can expect an innovative approach to car customization and an immersive gameplay experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.