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How to get the best experience while playing online slots

What are casino games without online slots? Less fun, that’s for sure.

Online slot games are widely known because of their vibrant colours, ease of play and small bet sizes compared to other casino games. You can literally start playing for real money with just $0.01 in online slots.

However, as fun as online slots are, you can get overwhelmed by just searching for an online slot game. Yes, that’s how many there are out there. To avoid making mistakes and losing more than you bargained for or even getting scammed, there are a few things you must know.

Today, we’ll be going through everything you need to know to make the most of your online slot gaming.

Let’s get started!

Finding a Reputable Site

As with any website that requires filling in your personal details to use their services, scammers are likely to hide under the guise of slot websites to collect users’ personal details like your bank card numbers.

Here are a few things you should check to know you’re dealing with a safe and reputable website.

Check for an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is an added security a website uses to prevent hacks. You’ll notice a padlock icon on the left side of the address bar. If the online slot site you use doesn’t have this, it’s a red flag, and you shouldn’t deal with them.

If they can’t guarantee the security of their website, how can they guarantee the security of your personal information?

Check their custom support. Do they offer multiple means of reaching them? For example, via call, email, live chat, or social media. If they don’t offer any of these, it’s a red flag; also, try reaching out to them via these channels to know if they’re responsive. If not, it’s shady; avoid it.

Lastly, a reputable online slot site such as Virgin Games should have multiple payment options for players. If only offer one payment option, then you should think twice before putting your money and questioning are online slots rigged.

Choose Games with High Return to Player Values

Now that you’ve selected a few online slot sites that are safe for you to play on, it’s time to choose a game to play.

Slot sites offer numerous types of games you can play and enjoy, but each one comes with a different pay line and RTP value. The higher your pay line and RTP value, the better your chances are at winning.

However, some games make up for slightly lower RTPs by offering bonuses and discounts. It is important to weigh your options and go for what’s best for you. Checking your odds before putting money will save you from making any mistakes you may regret later on.

Practice before putting real money

Wagering on yourself without any knowledge of how the game works is a recipe for disaster. Ensure you try demo modes to get a feel of how the game works and what you’re getting into before putting in real money.

The games can look easy at first, but when playing with real money, things can get pretty intense if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The more familiar you are with a game, the better your chances are at hitting a jackpot.

Choose Games that Offer Bonuses

If you’ve ever checked a few online slot sites, you’ll notice that many of them offer bonuses and welcome deals.

The online slot industry is a competitive one, so take advantage of games with welcome bonuses and other types of in-game incentives that will be useful during gameplay.

Ensure you read how these bonuses and special offers apply before your first deposit because there are certain conditions you must meet before you are allowed to withdraw them.

It’s advisable to try different games to see which bonuses are better and more realistic to use.

Start with small amounts

You’ve found a reputable site, you’ve checked your odds and RTPs, and you’ve had enough practice. Now you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, but don’t be in a hurry to put all your eggs in one basket.

Start small! Try with smaller amounts to see if it’s something you like before you try with bigger sums. This will help you gain more experience and understand how things work.

Don’t Get Greedy

It’s easy to get carried away with huge jackpots when you start playing online slot games. However, in most cases, the higher the jackpot, the higher the odds of you winning.

It will get tempting, but the best thing to do is play games that give you a higher chance of winning compared to a large jackpot.

Have Fun

In the end, it’s all about having fun and enjoying a good time.

A sign you need a breather is when the game becomes less fun and more stressful for you. Once you begin to notice you’re going overboard, pause and come back later, it’ll save you money and regrets.


Playing online slot games is fun and exciting, and having the best experience depends on whether you’re well-equipped to play.

Choosing the right slot site, practising, looking out for bonuses, and using small amounts first are the things that’ll help you have a great start.

Remember, it’s all about having fun.

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