Monday, April 15, 2024

Herrador Factory Team unveils HFT T3 2023

Herrador Factory Team has formally unveiled the HFT T3 2023, a side-by-side vehicle based on the Can-Am Maverick X3 that is capable of FIA T3 competition. It was originally revealed by team CEO Javier Herrador in March before the official presentation on Tuesday.

The HFT T3 uses the Maverick’s platform but has been heavily modified to meet T3 regulation, which is for Light Prototype SSVs specifically designed for racing versus the production models that race in T4.

Perhaps its most notable feature is the closed body, though much of its anatomy is shared with the Maverick. The overlap is intended to make swapping out parts between the HFT and Maverick easier as customers who already own the latter can simply buy the HFT chassis for €15,000 and assemble the remaining components themselves.

The Maverick was described by Herrador as “a brand and a model that has won absolutely everything in recent years in the Dakar Rally and one that we want to maintain its identity and reliability. This is an advantage as the owner and teams have it easier to obtain spare parts through their BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products, owner of Can-Am) dealer for any race.”

Overall, the car weighs 900 kilograms. Although its main focus is as a T3 challenger, the chassis can also be used for T4 racing. The base vehicle, up to €105,000 comes with BRAID Wheels rims, Fox shocks, J.Juan brakes, an aluminum fuel tank and dashboard, among other stock parts.

The team will also offer five packs of AP Racing brakes, King Off-Road shocks and suspension parts, racing electronics, optimised steering, certain parts made of aluminum, carbon fibre, or kevlar to reduce weight, and the closed body. The steering package is worth €5,000, while the suspension and brake set goes for €25,000 and all of the above go up to €150,000.

Based in Spain, Herrador Factory Team previously designed the Herrator Inzane X3 that their owner raced in the 2022 Dakar Rally.

Can-Am is the top SSV manufacturer in international rally raid today with South Racing virtually holding a monopoly over the T3 and T4 classes. Red Bull Can-Am Factory Racing and their adjacent Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team, who formed an alliance with South for 2023, currently leads both categories in the World Rally-Raid Championship.

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