Monday, April 15, 2024

Course revamped for 2023 Island X Prix 2

As Extreme E heads back to the Capo Teulada military training site in Sardinia for a second Island X Prix this weekend, the series was obviously not going to simply recreate the course used in July. While in the same area, the new design is slightly longer than its summer predecessor at three kilometres and features nuances that make it stand out.

The overall design is relatively the same, but differences are apparent from the very start as cars take off from the same location as the finish line, rather than from the end of the switch bay like in July. This change means the lap begins in the sand section rather than with a series of rocks.

Perhaps the largest change comes in the second half of the Continental Traction Challenge zone, where dust hazards will now be preceded by a pair of water sections.

“If one driver goes through they will have the fresh water splash on their windscreen, but if there is a second driver quite close to them, that will mean dispersed water they are driving through,” explained Championship Driver Patrick O’Donovan. “As a result, the driver behind could carry more speed and perhaps get an overtake on the exit, so I’m excited to see how that all pans out. I’ve been out there in the ODYSSEY 21 and I’ve seen after the second water splash it can be particularly challenging under braking heading to the next Way Point. It’s quite easy to misjudge, lock up, and make a little mistake which will cost time.”

O’Donovan noted one of the prime overtaking opportunities comes at checkpoints 11 and 12. While the water sectors come with risks, he argued that makes it a potential place to make a move as “not many would anticipate it.

“Heading into the first turn, after that initial jump, is a corner where there’s a bit of braking and you can rotate the car a little bit sideways and manage the throttle from there. I don’t think anyone will be expecting you to make a move up the inside. It will no doubt be on the limit, but there is definitely a chance you could pull it off.

“I think it’s going to be a really interesting course. There are so many places for potential overtakes and possibilities to see some exciting racing out on track.”

Rosberg X Racing swept the July Island X Prix.