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Career as an iGaming expert: Dubravka Davidovic from AskGamblers shares her experience

With a deep understanding of the iGaming industry and a passion for content creation, Dubravka, the Head of Content at AskGamblers, offers a fresh perspective on the industry’s progression.

As the iGaming world undergoes rapid changes, it’s not just about following trends but being part of those defining them. The advent of AI, in particular, is revolutionizing the sector in ways we’ve never seen before. From tailoring player experiences to managing complex data, using AI opens a whole new range of possibilities. To get critical insights about the career of an iGaming expert, we have conducted our exclusive feature on the iGaming expert at AskGamblers, Dubravka Davidovic

We explore Dubravka’s exciting journey, insights into the evolving industry, and how she and her team craft compelling narratives that resonate with players worldwide.

Q1: Dubravka, could you tell us about your role as the Head of Content at AskGamblers? 

Dubravka: Absolutely. My role as Head of Content involves overseeing the entire content creation and management process at AskGamblers. It’s a multifaceted role that requires a strategic vision and a deep understanding of our players’ interests and needs. We aim to deliver engaging, high-quality content that informs and entertains our readers.

Q2: What initially drew you to the iGaming industry?

Dubravka: The iGaming industry’s dynamism was what initially sparked my interest. It’s an industry that never remains stagnant – with new games being released constantly, technological advancements redefining how we play, and regulations that continue to evolve. 

The constant change opens up many possibilities for innovation and creativity that I found both challenging and exciting. Furthermore, the industry sits at a fascinating intersection of technology, entertainment, and finance, offering diverse opportunities. These aspects and my inclination towards strategic content creation made the iGaming industry a perfect fit for my career aspirations.

Q3: What key trends in iGaming content are you excited about?

 Dubravka: The world of iGaming content is brimming with exciting trends, but two that stand out to me are interactive content and personalization. Interactive content, whether in quizzes, polls, or immersive articles, significantly increases user engagement and offers a more active user experience. It captures attention and deepens the user’s involvement, making the content more memorable. 

On the other hand, personalization is all about delivering tailored content experiences. Understanding players’ behaviours and preferences enable us to create content that resonates with them, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction. As the iGaming industry continues to grow, I believe these trends will significantly shape how we interact with and serve our audience, creating more enriching experiences for them.

Q4: How does your team go about creating player-centric content? 

Dubravka: Our approach is rooted in understanding our players. We pay close attention to their feedback, preferences, and behaviour. Based on these insights, we craft content that caters to their interests and provides valuable information to enhance their iGaming experience.

Q5: Could you share an accomplishment you’re particularly proud of in your career? 

Dubravka: One accomplishment I’m proud of is building a robust and creative content team. Seeing how our collaborative efforts translate into content that positively impacts our readers is incredibly rewarding. 

Q6: How important is staying updated with iGaming regulations, and how does it influence your work? 

Dubravka: Keeping up with iGaming regulations is crucial. Changes in regulations directly impact our content strategy and ensure that we’re providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and compliant information. 

Moreover, understanding regulatory shifts allows us to anticipate industry changes and prepare our content strategy accordingly. It helps us inform our readers proactively about changes that could affect their gaming experience, thus reinforcing our position as a trusted source of information in the iGaming world. 

Q7: What advice would you give someone considering a career in iGaming content? 

Dubravka: The iGaming industry offers a wealth of opportunities. For those considering a career in iGaming content, I’d suggest being open to continuous learning, staying updated with industry trends, and always focusing on creating content that resonates with your audience.


We gained a deeper understanding of the exciting opportunities and challenges of a career as an iGaming expert. Dubravka’s experience inspires aspiring professionals in the field, demonstrating the power of engaging content in iGaming.

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