Tuesday, May 24, 2022


BMW Z4 GT3 has just been officially released this month of March, whose first units have already been delivered to private BMW teams, so be prepared technical and mechanically to the different national and international championships to be attended.

BMW Z4 GT3El price of the BMW Z4 GT3 is 298.000 EUR, price to which we must add VAT on each market.

Developed by BMW Motorsport
Mario Theissen, BMW Motorsport Director, said of the new sports model is a car special, not available in the normal brand products offer, but specially designed for pilots and teams from the brand involved in Championships such as the European FIA GT3, the International GT Open, ADAC GT Masters or race of 24 hours of resistance.

The new BMW Z4 GT3, just like the BMW M3 GT2 and the BMW 320si WTCC, complies with the regulations imposed by the FIA for GT3 category and, also, with regulations S2000.

Widely modified chassis
Despite being based on the BMW Z4, the chassis of this GT3 version has numerous modifications and new elements. Proof of this is the front axle which is newly designed in its entirety and is equipped with a tubular stabilizer bar with blades adjustable, while at the rear axle, has been chosen by an independent, non-rigid parallelogram and, also, with anti-roll bar architecture.

BMW Z4 GT3 wallpaper – 1024 x 768

BMW Z4 GT3En rear axle, mounts a differential coming from the BMW plant in Dingolfing, Germany.

Light welterweight: carbon body
The bodywork of the new BMW Z4 GT3 is made on the ground that the brand has in the German town of Regensburg. Made entirely in leather, it constitutes a genuine security cage for pilots, roll-over, thanks to the welded steel pipe precision.

The design of the bodywork of the BMW Z4 GT3 is, unmistakably, faithful to the model’s production of the BMW Z4, with a long hood, oversized wheel and a long wheelbase steps.

The body is full of spoilers, both in the front and in the rear, which improve the aerodynamic design of the car. Implemented in this car aerodynamics was drawn in the wind tunnel and benchmarks of the BMW Group, thanks to the work done, side by side, engineers of BMW Motorsport, BMW, which enabled them to access CFD computational fluid dynamics calculations.

In addition to body body and the spoiler, parts such as bonnet, roof and front and rear fenders are made of CFRP carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. Use of this light and resistant material has allowed to reduce the weight of the new BMW Z4 GT3 to just 1,200 kg, as well as significantly increase the resistance to torsion of the set.

Mechanical and electronic competition
BMW Z4 GT3 mounted an eight-cylinder engine v powered by petrol, four liters of engine displacement and maximum 480 horsepower, manufactured in the factory of Landshut, being the same propeller mounted in the BMW M3 GT2 and taken from the current generation of the BMW M3.

BMW Z4 GT3 Wallpaper – 1280 x 960

This is the biggest difference is the new model of competition with respect to the model from which it derives, the BMW Z4 and most especially, the version BMW Z4 sDrive35is, top of the range of the exclusive brand roadster and it boasts a powerful bloc of six-cylinder in-line, three liters of displacement and 340 horsepower (see the file here).

BMW Z4 GT3A despite this important difference in the mechanical configuration, offers performance excellent and a better curve of torque that the that shows the same engine in the BMW M3, both models predestined for use in motor sports.

The decision to mount this drive, by the BMW Motorsport engineering team, had a considerable influence on the development of the BMW Z4 GT3, given that the design of the initial tests were performed using design software CATIA V5, in order to only place the engine in the ideal position and meet racing specifications.

All the electronics of the BMW Z4 GT3 engine has been widely tested in other models developed by BMW Motorsport to the competition, as the BMW M3 GT2. Like this model, it is equipped with the modernized electronic control unit ECU408 which takes care of the management of the engine, while the Power400 control unit is responsible for controlling all actuators.

The power is transmitted through a manual gearbox of a six-speed with Quick Shift function, similar to the old BMW SMG transmission.

Basic equipment: only what is strictly necessary
The equipment that mounts the BMW Z4 GT3 is strictly necessary. In addition to the aluminium alloy wheels, equipped with centralized and security lock.