Friday, July 19, 2024

Audi reveals progress towards F1 at Auto Shanghai

Audi shared insight on the company’s preparation to enter FIA Formula 1 World Championship in 2026 with their presentation at Auto Shanghai, which showcased the future team’s bold launch livery. 

With the Chinese Grand Prix unable to move forward in 2023, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann was pleased to present the project to racing fans in China– one of the company’s most significant markets. 

“We are convinced that our Formula 1 commitment will strengthen Audi’s sporting focus. The racing series is continuously increasing its global reach, especially among young target groups and in our most important sales market: China.”

The factory team has made rapid progress on their hybrid power unit, according to Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development Oliver Hoffmann. The drivetrain is expected to run on the test bench before the year’s end and will serve as the foundation for the development of their car as they continue to update and expand their facilities at Neuburg an der Donau to Formula 1 standards. 

“The Audi Formula 1 project has really taken off in recent months. In the ongoing concept phase of the power unit, the foundation of our drivetrain for 2026 is being laid today. 

“We attach great importance to detail work, for example on materials or manufacturing technologies, and we also focus on topics such as the energy management of the hybrid drivetrain. After all, efficiency is a key success factor for Formula 1 and the mobility of the future, these approaches will advance both worlds.”

The team, currently operating under Audi Formula Racing GmbH, will have more than 300 staff members once the hiring process is completed by the end of 2023. The team will be made up of Audi motorsport employees as well as external recruits with specialized experience within Formula 1. 

In line with Formula 1’s goals for carbon neutrality, Efficiency and sustainability are a primary focus of the outfit, with their Neuburg facility earning the FIA’s highest award for environmental consciousness– the three-star environmental seal of approval. Audi plans to expand on this by constructing a regenerative energy supply on site.

Credit: Audi AG