Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Alpine’s Matt Harman shares short-term car development plans: “What we have for Baku, Miami and Imola is a reasonable step”

BWT Alpine F1 Team are set to introduce upgrades to A523 for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as part of a larger development programme that will continue into coming races. Alpine Technical Director Matt Harman expects that the development items scheduled for the coming months will result in “reasonable” progress for the team. 

“We are bringing a new floor to Baku amongst some other aerodynamic and mechanical items. We then have a further development at the following race in Miami and something further for Imola after that.”

Harman explained that the team will be implementing constant updates with the expectation that they’ll make a significant step by the Imola Grand Prix. He added that keeping on top of their “aggressive” development strategy throughout the season will be key to achieving their objectives for pace and results. 

“This consistent thread will continue throughout the season with more upgrades planned at most events.

“In the short term, what we have for Baku, Miami and Imola is a reasonable step – though not as significant as some media speculation in recent weeks – and it’s important we keep this aggressive rate of development up if we are to keep moving forwards towards our performance expectations.”

Harman praised the team’s efforts at their factories, allowing them to bring these crucial improvements to the car as the season moves forward.

“Credit must be given to the work going on behind the scenes at both factories in Viry and Enstone in meeting development targets and finding the improvements to make the car faster.”

After a tough Australian Grand Prix that saw both Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon crash out of the race following a restart, Alpine have dropped to sixth in the championship standings and will be looking to earn a solid haul of points at Baku City Circuit to bounce back from the unfortunate result. 

Credit: BWT Alpine F1 Team