Monday, June 24, 2024

2024 Desafio Ruta 40: Budassi, Alcorta, Palomba, Stratico navigate to Ansenuza wins

The Desafío Ansenuza is a navigation-based rally series that partners with the World Rally-Raid Championship whenever it arrives in Argentina for the Desafío Ruta 40. This continued for 2024 as twelve competitors across four categories took to the mountains.

2023 Ansenuza bike champion Ariel Budassi was the top dog on the two-wheel side, setting the fastest time for four of five stages and beating Nicolas Vaschetto by over six hours. Most of this margin was built in Stage #4, when Budassi finished within six hours while Vaschetto was second with a time of over nine and a half hours.

Prologue winner Juan Nimo finished third. A paraplegic rider who races with a special frame that keeps him upright while saddled, he had Eduardo Parra and Agustín Pedersen race alongside him as shadow riders; although Parra and Pedersen had their own numbers, the three are classified together as a single entity.

Three of the four Quad riders won a stage with Juan José Alcorta finishing ahead by an hour.

Nicolas Stratico, who won the 2024 Desafío Ansenuza’s season opener in Villa Mercedes in May, continued his hot streak in his new Toyota Hilux to win the Cars.

N5 champion Jonatan Palomba went back and forth with Omar Gandara for the UTV win. The closest battle came in Stage #4 when Gandara beat Palomba by just eleven seconds, but he finished half an hour behind in the overall.

Desafío Ansenuza overall results


Finish Number Rider Team Time Margin
1 703 Ariel Budassi Ariel Budassi 22:34:26 Leader
2 705 Nicolas Vaschetto Nicolas Vaschetto 28:55:41 + 6:21:15
3 700 Juan Nimo* Juan Nimo 31:20:56 + 8:46:30
4 706 Sebastián Reartes Neri Sebastián Reartes Neri 34:25:43 + 11:51:17
* – Eduardo Parra (#701) and Agustín Pedersen (#702) classified with Nimo


Finish Number Rider Team Time Margin
1 721 Juan José Alcorta Juan José Alcorta 22:07:09 Leader
2 724 Jorge Hernan Vazquez Jorge Hernan Vazquez 23:45:03 + 1:37:54
3 723 Victor Hugo Brusadin Victor Hugo Brusadin 25:43:35 + 3:36:26
4 720 Juan Pablo Díaz Juan Pablo Díaz 36:49:02 + 14:41:53


Finish Number Driver Co-Driver Team Time Margin
1 742 Nicolas Stratico Fabián Aguzzi Toyomec Sport Racing 23:43:04 Leader
2 743 Eduardo Mastantuono Alejandro Schilling Eduardo Mastantuono 31:17:05 + 7:34:03


Finish Number Driver Co-Driver Team Time Margin
1 741 Jonatan Palomba Daniel Annetta Jonatan Palomba 18:29:13 Leader
2 740 Omar Gandara Joaquín Wior Omar Gandara 18:58:41 + 29:28

Desafío Ansenuza stage winners


Stage Bike Time Quad Time
Prologue Juan Nimo 14:05 Juan Pablo Díaz 14:09
Stage #1 Ariel Budassi 5:52:10 Juan José Alcorta 5:23:38
Stage #2 Ariel Budassi 3:41:16 Juan José Alcorta 3:26:00
Stage #3 Ariel Budassi 3:06:50 Victor Hugo Brusadin 4:16:13
Stage #4 Ariel Budassi 5:50:36 Victor Hugo Brusadin 3:57:46
Stage #5 Nicolas Vaschetto 4:00:41 Victor Hugo Brusadin 3:39:56


Stage Auto Time UTV Time
Prologue Nicolas Stratico 14:13 Omar Gandara 14:03
Stage #1 Nicolas Stratico 5:59:13 Jonatan Palomba 5:21:48
Stage #2 Eduardo Mastantuono 3:50:17 Jonatan Palomba 3:12:22
Stage #3 Nicolas Stratico 3:59:10 Omar Gandara 3:30:06
Stage #4 Nicolas Stratico 5:58:42 Omar Gandara 3:04:36
Stage #5 Nicolas Stratico 3:54:14 Jonatan Palomba 3:06:44