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2014 Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage

2014 Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage

Toyota is one of the biggest company producing cars, and of its cars that is popular in the world is Toyota Yaris. Almost every year, this car is redesigned and 2014 Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage has become the great topic of the car. Actually, since the first productions of this Toyota, there have been many interesting features can be enjoyed by the buyers, and the gas mileage is one of those things. Here, Toyota Yaris becomes one of the vehicles which spend less gasoline than another vehicle. If you want to know this matter, just look at the following paragraph.

Before the car is released, usually a car will has an EPA test that will measure the gas mileage. Then, for 2014 Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage, it has such a good result. In the EPA test, the driver can drive the car without any gasoline in the first 21 miles. However, if you want to use gasoline, you can use both gasoline and electricity in the first 21 miles. With the test, it is concluded that 2014 Toyota Yaris has a low cost for fuel. The 1.5 lt 4 cylinder engine of the car makes this vehicle is possible to reduce the use of gasoline. Besides, the VVT-i or Variable Valve Timing with intelligence helps the car to have a better gas mileage since this technology will control the timing of the valve to open and close so that it keeps the emission and becomes more efficient.

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2014 Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage

Furthermore, here is the specific result of the test. For the 1.3 lt engine with manual transmission, the car uses 5,7 lt per 100 km. Then, with the same engine in and automatic transmission, 2014 Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage is 6,3 lt per 100 km trip.

Another engine that is 1.5 lt with manual and automatic transmission, 5,8 lt gasoline and 6,3 lt are used per 100 km.